Individual Antenatal classes

In my program I follow newest UNICEF, NHS, WHO, NICE and AAP guidelines. I am a doula, Perinatal and Breastfeeding Supporter trained by Nottinghamshire NHS. I am working in Children’s Centre. I am also certified Nutritional Therapist by The Health Science Academy.


  • Birth preparation.
  • Optimal Baby position in the womb.
  • Natural pain relief and oils use.
  • Water birth.
  • Home birth.
  • Positive labour – positions and affirmations
  • Breastfeeding – Most common problems
  • Hunger clues and indicators of effective feeding
  • Tips to successful Breastfeeding
  • Bonding with a baby
  • Baby Sleep – Safe coosleeping, roomsharing,
  • Baby Wearing

Place: Your home in a time that suits you and your birth partner. Covering Nottinhamshire and Lincolshire.

Course Length: individual program fitted to your situation (first time mum, type of delivery, health condition) usually 1-2 meetings – each 2 hours long

I am covering Nottighamshire and Lincolnshire, but please send me an email as Im ding also online consultationsvia Skype.



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