Active Birth Workshop!

05.06.2018 6:30pm

This month we will be talking about movement in labour! Put some comfy joggers on and relax. As usual we will do some relaxation/meditation on the end.

Feel free to share with your pregnant friends

💕 Welcome to Mother’s Circle meeting 💕

From 12 weeks of pregnancy. Come and meet other mums (and me! 😉)

❤️ Every month we will meet to talk and support each other.
❤️ Every meeting will be covering different topics.
Those meetings are a chance to learn about pregnancy and birth.
Only newest knowledge, fallowing UNICEF, WHO standards.
You will get to know your options, possibilities. It’s a safe space for you to open and relax. On the end of each session we will try to visualise and relax, so you will feel refreshed and more confident. If you have kids already you will recharge your batteries, if you are first time mum you can meet other mums and make a connection ❤️

Please share with your friends ❤️
Let me know if you have any questions ❤️

Time: 6.30pm – 7.30pm
Location: Cleveland Square Community Centre, NG24 4HL, Hawtonville, Newark
Cost: £5 (drinks, snacks and ! 🍪 biscuits❗️)
Limited places. Booking is ESSENTIAL. Please send me a message, text or email to secure your place. Booking free. Pay on the day.
Ladies only.





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