Welcome on my page!

My name is Anna, I am mum of two boys.

In my program I follow newest UNICEF, NHS, WHO, NICE and AAP guidelines. I am a doula, Perinatal and Breastfeeding Supporter trained by Nottinghamshire NHS. I am working in Children’s Centre. I am also certified Nutritional Therapist by The Health Science Academy.

My job is my passion. And I can say that I do what I love and love what I do.


My short story ;>

After 10 years in banking and administration I finally get the courage to step out from my comfort zone. Before I begin my Doula training I decided I want to experience a natural water home birth – pain relief free. And I did! I cached my son by myself. I did it! There was nothing that could stop me now on my journey. Feeling power and connection to all mothers in a world I choose The Red Tend Doula course. It was a calling I was putting away for a long time. But no more! So welcome on my website! I hope you will like what I can offer you ❤


I speak English and Polish.
* Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you x