Breastfeeding Workshop designed for pregnant mums.

Is it for you?

  • Are you a first time mum and feel a bit lost in all those information about breastfeeding, newborn feeding, sleep patterns?
  • Do you want to breastfeed this time and in need for more support and knowledge?

I am a doula, perinatal and breastfeeding supporter. I worked with many mothers and helped them to achieve their breastfeeding goals. In my work I use only the newest knowledge and recommendation from UNICEF, WHO, NICE, AAP, NHS. I will be your own breastfeeding cheerleader, with lots of positive energy and even more scientific background. This workshop is designed for pregnant mothers from 20 weeks.

Weekends and evening session available.


  1. Physiology of lactation
  2. Most common lactation problems in first weeks
  3. Introduction of bottles and dummies
  4. Pumping and storing
  5. Sleep patterns, safe sleeping, SIDS risk
  6. Baby poop in first week – how it is changing, what to expect
  7. How to tell your baby is getting enough milk?
  8. Baby is crying a lot, is it colic? Or is he hungry?
  9. Benefits for you and for baby, and how much you will save money if you choose to breastfeed 😉 ?
  10. hormones and breastfeeding, breastfeeding and medication and more, much more…


Workshop length:
1 – 2 hours 



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