5 Stars are not enough for all help I received from Anna!
One online consultation and the results in my relactation and the fight for the return of my baby on breast are amazing! Ideas, advice and knowledge are something I can recommend to every mom with a pure heart! In not a week my 4 months old baby from 100 % feeding with formula go to 3 bottles a day! Also there i no more drama every time she see a breast! May force be with you Anna 😀 you are great! Thank you


Anna is a great person and an excellent advisor. She is competent in what she does and completely devoted to her work that shows her passion!
Although we get to know each other recently, she has helped me more than a few counselors and midwives who have tried to help me with my numerous problems with my milk supplies and feeding. In addition to her expertise, Anna also provides huge emotional support that we are often need as a new mums. I’m very grateful for everything she did for me and my little one. If you want your milky way to be long and happy booking consultations with Anna it’s a great idea.
With all the heart we recommend! Marta with little Apolonia.


I recommend with all my heart!
If it weren’t for Anna, I’m afraid I might not breastfeed at all, and I’d rather not think about it… because it’s great! She was with me at the most difficult moment when as a new mom I got confused and suddenly I had a hundreds of questions. Calm and patiently she answered any questions, even the weird ones 😉 her advise is the reason I found out what really is “normal” when breastfeeding, after a while I felt more comfortable and I didn’t listen to “advices”, because there’s no one rule.
Unfortunately, the knowledge from the birthing classes, or from the hospital staff  was nothing comparing with what was waiting for me at home.
I’m really, really grateful.
Knowledge and experience, you can feel that she is doing it with the heart and passion, and that’s the most important thing ❤️ 


Very highly recommended!
Anna is a person who has a lot of knowledge, and most of all she can pass it to others. She explains everything exactly, shows and proves that being a parent is not black magic 🙂 at any time of day and night she can help and supports in moments when you feeling helplessness and uncertainty.
I didn’t let the midwifes tell me that I didn’t have any milk in my breast and I knew it is most suitable for my daughter. It was Anna who gave me the strength to fight for breast-feeding and blowing all my doubts.
So if you’re looking for a person to help you prepare for childbirth and motherhood, Anna is the person!


I recommend with all my heart ❤
Anna is an exceptionally warm person who can calm down not one anxious mom 🙂
I keep my fingers crossed for your business to grow.


Anna is an extraordinary mother, extraordinary children. It’s an oasis of calm, knowledge and professionalism in every aspect. She likes her job, and it’s very important in working with mothers. She just want to  listen  she can explain everything rationally, she doesn’t impose her opinion on anyone, you can write to her in the middle of the night – she will always help at least with a good word, and that’s very important for every new mother. She loves what she does, you can hear it and feel it in every conversation. I highly recommend her because it’s the right person in the right place.