I recommend with all my heart!
If it weren’t for Anna, I’m afraid I might not breastfeed at all, and I’d rather not think about it… because it’s great! She was with me at the most difficult moment when as a new mom I got confused and suddenly I had a hundreds of questions. Calm and patiently she answered any questions, even the weird ones 😉 her advise is the reason I found out what really is “normal” when breastfeeding, after a while I felt more comfortable and I didn’t listen to “advices”, because there’s no one rule.
Unfortunately, the knowledge from the birthing classes, or from the hospital staff  was nothing comparing with what was waiting for me at home.
I’m really, really grateful.
Knowledge and experience, you can feel that she is doing it with the heart and passion, and that’s the most important thing ❤️ 

― Alicja